About Us

Uganda conservatory of Music (UCOM) is located near Kakyeka football grounds, on plot 10, bishop close. It is a company limited by guarantee and it was registered in November 2015 , UCOM has trained instructors, performances and artists who are committed to use Music, Dance and Drama as means of improving peoples' ways of living
High achievement: We believe in assisting each student to achieve thier full musical potential this begins by developing individual programs based on the student's learning needs, abilities and goals.

Instilling lifelong music learning: Music education foster independent and creative musicians, equiped for life long engagement with music and music making.
To offer quality entertinment to our clients
Uganda conservatory of music aspires to:

Prepare and inspire our students to perform at the highest level in their art and in their lives

Foster their creativity and give them courage. We teach them skills that lead to professional and personal fullfilment.

Promote a respect for music as a discipline of the mind and spirit and joyful affirmation to life.

To use music dance and drama as means of education while entertaining.
To educate, develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music and offer quality entertainment to our clients